The equipment required for Inject-Styrene insulation work includes two models of injection gun, as well as pressure pots for small and large jobs. Inject-Styrene technology ensures complete filling of existing voids and air gaps designed for this purpose.

The equipment comprises a compressed-air injection gun, a binder pressure pot, an air and binder supply hose, a suction hose and a transport cart.


Injection guns

PS-56L/M and PS-226L/M

Specially designed for our technology

The PS-56L/M and PS-226L/M injection guns have been specially designed to inject ECOBILL MD/® and ISOBILL MD/® polystyrene insulation.

Injection guns and pressure pots are equipped for easy movement and storage of hoses.


Equipment specifications

  • 1 compressed-air injection gun with control valves.
  • 1 pressure vessel with 20-litre binder capacity and pressure gauge
  • 1 3/8″ air and binder supply hose
  • 1 ½” polystyrene suction hose
  • 1 IST transport cart
insulation equipment