Isolation Éco-Concept is a Quebec company specializing in insulation for residential, commercial and institutional buildings. Insulation general contractor since 2014, we are the main and only distributor of Inject-Styrene products and equipment in North America. We specialize in polystyrene microbead injection insulation. Find out more about us and our effective insulation technology.

2021 recipient of Les Galons de l’APCHQ (project showcasing innovative companies in the Quebec City region), in the energy efficiency category, and a privileged member of Éco-habitation. It goes without saying that the company demonstrates a concern for the environment while prioritizing energy efficiency in all its projects.

SINCE 2014

About our technology

The technology has now proved its worth in terms of energy efficiency. Its approach is simple and incredibly effective: the technology allows the microbeads to infiltrate the open space.

At Isolation Éco-Concept, we rely on this very special technique, which avoids all demolition and renovation, thus avoiding the disposal of demolition waste and the manufacture of building materials.

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Our vision

We want to play a major role in sustainable development by opting for innovative solutions that don’t require demolition, and by prioritizing economic issues around building energy efficiency.

Our mission

Meet your insulation needs using a proven, high-performance method with low ecological impact.

Our values

Offering exceptional service by using an advantageous thermal insulation material, while also supporting the recycling of post-consumer polystyrene waste.

Réseau IST - Accredited member


Inject-Styrene network

As an important accredited member of the Inject-Styrene network, our company is the only one to carry out insulation work using Inject-Styrene technology in the Greater Quebec City, Beauce and Greater Montreal regions, as well as the Lower St. Lawrence. With a large area to cover, we strive to offer you a service that meets your requirements.

You can also visit the Inject-Styrene network website to discover for yourself all the important information available to you.


Manufacturer / distributor

Isolation Éco-Concept specializes in the distribution of injection-molded insulation equipment and blown-in polystyrene (EPS) insulation. As the exclusive distributor for the Inject-Styrene network, we supply all accredited contractors with the materials they need for proper insulation using Inject-Styrene technology.