Isolation Éco-Concept offers advice and training. We train accredited members of the Inject-Styrene network to meet application standards and ensure quality workmanship. What’s more, we offer advice to construction professionals so they can learn more about Inject-Styrene insulation technology.


Insulation consulting

We offer construction professionals advice and online training (coming soon) to raise awareness of our technology, products and services.

To learn more about the technology, visit

Video conferencing

Video-conferencing training offers the opportunity to be interactive and answer questions throughout the course. It’s a more user-friendly, in-depth training program, better adapted to the unique business contexts of each area of expertise. Among other things, the course presents the company, its technology and products, as well as the technical, financial and environmental benefits.


The same video-conference training is also available as a webinar. It offers the possibility of being viewed by several people from the same company at a time that suits them best.


Training for accredited members

Inject-Styrene Technologie offers contractors the opportunity to become an accredited applicator-member of the IST network. Our aim is to provide insulation contractors with new market opportunities and services. All these benefits are available with our blown-in insulation products.

To become an accredited contractor, a contractor must attend and pass a mandatory training course and become a member of the Inject-Styrene network.

Isolation Éco-Concept provides follow-up, support and guidance to maintain the quality of the Inject-Styrene network’s products and services.

Conditions for becoming an accredited member

To ensure the quality of our products and the service provided by our contractors, each applicant must have at least at least 5 years’ experience in thermal insulation, have general technical knowledge of building construction (especially old buildings) and demonstrate general knowledge of energy efficiency to qualify.