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The non-demolition sawdust extraction method removes sawdust insulation from your walls and replaces it with recycled polystyrene microbead insulation injected using the Inject-Styrene process.


Poorly” insulated homes

Widely used from the beginning of the 20th century until the early 1950s, sawdust was abundant and inexpensive, and for a long time was valorized and used as insulation. A natural insulator of choice made from sawdust, found in large quantities in factories on the outskirts of towns and villages. At the time, this value chain was a principle of the circular economy par excellence, with sawdust waste recycled locally as insulation material for the construction industry. In fact, it was the most abundant, effective and affordable insulation used for decades.

Times have changed, and so have needs.

Sawdust may be a natural insulator, but its performance is poor, with an approximate thermal value of only R-1/inch. What’s more, it compacts and decomposes with time and air infiltration, leaving wall and roof spaces totally free of insulation and air infiltration. Some insurance companies now even refuse this type of clientele because of the risk of fire. Poorly insulated and sometimes dangerous, these buildings have become the Achilles heel of many homeowners.

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Sawdust piles up and compacts over time, preventing it from dropping down the walls and being easily retrieved. In general, it’s impossible to remove it without partially or completely opening up the walls. Simply vacuuming it out is insufficient. A priori because it’s impossible to vacuum a material in an enclosed space if there’s no air to suffice. In other words, it’s air combined with a suction system that powerfully transports the material.


Why sawdust extraction?

A number of factors are now forcing some homeowners to re-insulate their homes. Especially when it comes to a house insulated with sawdust.


  • Disadvantageous when selling.
  • Refusal by insurers and extra premiums
  • Poor energy efficiency
  • Increased heating and air-conditioning costs.
  • Discomfort; too hot, too cold.
  • Odor, dust.

Of course, all these disadvantages are turned into advantages when we clean the walls and replace the sawdust with our Ecobill MD/® polystyrene microbeads.


  • Capital gain on the value of the house
  • Best insurances.
  • High energy efficiency
  • Lower heating and air-conditioning costs.
  • More comfortable in summer and winter.
  • Removes odors and other nuisances caused by old sawdust.

En instance de brevet/ patent pending